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Doing an internship in Malta: the expat’s guide

Malta is an increasingly popular destination and sought after by international students looking for an internship. With its Mediterranean climate and quality of life, it is very easy to combine pleasure with business by taking advantage of the island’s many professional opportunities.
Doing an internship in Malta is an unforgettable foreign experience.

Advantages of an internship in Malta

It is in Europe

Malta is part of the European Union.

Good opportunity to learn a new language

Maltese is the official language, with English as the secondary language.
There are many expats from everywhere in the world.

Meeting with people from everywhere

Malta is a melting pot of cultures with plenty of expatriates and international students. Great people are waiting for you to meet!

An ideal climate

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is very pleasant to live in Malta. Summer temperatures do not drop below 30°C, and plenty of aquatic activities are here for you to enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

Constant internship offers

The employment pool is exceptionally large in Malta, and so are the internship opportunities. Companies recruit interns all year round in a wide variety of sectors.

Learn more about internships in Malta

  • Most of them are unpaid

Very few internships are paid in Malta, apart from some offers in igaming, hotels and even tourism. You may get a bonus or some accommodation and transport benefits. Thus, it is necessary to budget for your experience in Malta.

  • They are regulated by an internship agreement

All internships must be governed by a contract, or an internship agreement. It will define your rights and duties, and you will not be able to find an internship without a Convention.

  • Contract of 40h per week

Most employment contracts in Malta are based on 40h per week.

  • No need for a student visa for EU nationals

As the country is a member of the European Union and therefore of the Schengen area, you do not have to apply for a visa to study if you are an EU national.

Sectors hiring interns

  • Gaming
  • Restoration
  • Hospitality
  • Building
  • Marketing and communication agencies
  • Tourism tour operators
  • Law firms and accountants
  • Finance
  • Design

All types of profiles are in demand: Marketing, customer relations, design, community manager, assistant manager, international trade…

There is bound to be an internship offer that suits you!

How to find an internship in Malta

While many students wish to do their internship in Malta, competition is fierce in certain fields of activity. It is therefore necessary to know how to look for it, but also to be guided and assisted. We offer you some ideas and suggestions to make your search easier.

Spontaneous applications

This is certainly the best method for students. Sending your CV as an unsolicited application to companies in Malta helps promote your profile.

You need to show your motivation and highlight your skills and past experiences. Your CV should be perfectly written in English and sent to any local and international companies that interest you.

Searching for companies takes time, but it allows you to be autonomous in your choices.

Employment agencies

Another alternative is to go through employment agencies. It is a paid service, between €200 and €1,500 for some agencies. They take care of finding you an internship and making proposals on your behalf. Before you start looking for companies for your internship, you will have to first make a deposit and then pay the full amount once the internship is found. Depending on the conditions of each agency, you will have 3 or 4 proposals for companies and internship missions.
Some agencies may offer you “Internship – Accommodation” packages, and “CV Correction“, as well as other options.

We recommend caution in choosing the agency, as reputations can vary. Consult the community’s recommendations on this matter before making any payments.

Social networks


Many public and private Facebook groups have been created to help you find an internship abroad. You can therefore post your message, profile, resume and research to make yourself visible to the whole community. Some recruiters are present in these massive groups and may notice and contact you. Simply use the Facebook search box to find the group that suits you.


LinkedIn is a great, professional way to get noticed. You need to work on polishing your profile with your experiences and skills, as well as an introduction to your background in order to attract the eye of recruiters. Don’t forget to be recommended by a former colleague, or by your ex-internship manager. These small details make a big difference because they are publicly visible and seen by the human resources departments of companies in Malta. Be sure to clearly indicate what you are looking for in your profile introduction.

Former students

Another possibility is through the internal network of your school and former students. Some may have done business internships in Malta and will surely have good advice and companies in mind to help you in your research. Do not hesitate to also ask your teachers for advice whenever possible.

Internship research in Malta: Our advice

  • Be clear in your research

Whether it is a spontaneous application on social networks or with employment agencies, remember to indicate your field of study, the missions you are looking for, your skills and your internship dates (or at least the duration and period).

  • Focus on long internships

Companies in Malta are generally interested in a 6-month internship and have little interest in relatively short internships of 2 months or less. However, many companies accept the so-called observation courses of less than 3, 4, or 5 weeks.

  • Think about your internship location

Pay attention to the location of the company. A shared accommodation is more difficult to find in remote areas, and it is very restrictive to have to use several bus connections to reach your internship location every day.


Finding an internship in Malta is a step-by-step process, and several options are available to students. Be as visible as possible, prepare your resume and your approach, and get support from organizations as needed.






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