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Restaurants in Malta

As Malta is such a melting pot of cultures, you will find all types of cuisine and restaurants imaginable. The food is quite cheap if you go for pasta, burgers, pizzas and various snacks. However, you’ll need a larger budget if you want to enjoy meat or fish dishes.

The different types of restaurants in Malta

Local restaurants

Because Maltese culture is closely linked to that of Italy, you will find elements of Italian cuisine in every Maltese restaurant.

Maltese restaurants

Maltese cuisine is rather rich. It often consists of meat or fish, fried or in a sauce, and the side dishes are roasted vegetables, potatoes or fries. It is very tasty, and you can try local specialities in many traditional Maltese restaurants.

Some of the best places to eat in Malta include:

  • TA Kris in Sliema
  • TA Kolina in Sliema
  • Gululu in Saint Julian’s
  • CI Cima in Xlendi (Gozo)
  • Bacchus in Mdina
  • Tal Familja in Marsascala

Italian restaurants in Malta

This is the most common type of restaurant you will find on the island. With so many Italians living in Malta, your cravings for pasta, pizzas, antipasti and other Italian delights will be more than satisfied.

The Italian restaurants in Malta are of good quality. You should try the following:

  •  Piccolo Padre in Balluta Bay (Saint Julian’s)
  •  Lore and Fitch in Saint Julian’s
  •  T’anna Mari in Marsaxlokk
  •  Coogi’s in Mdina
  •  Beati Paoli Restaurant in Valletta
  •  Zero Sei Trattoria Romana in Valletta
  •  Buona Trattoria del Nonno in Saint Paul’s Bay

Cravings for…

Meat restaurants

There are some excellent restaurants that specialise in meats in Malta. As no cattle is bred on the island, the meat must therefore be imported. Notwithstanding, there are some very famous places that serve great quality meat.

These include:

  • Little Argentina in Sliema, which offers divine Argentinian meats.
  • Brasa in Ta’Xbiex, a Brazilian restaurant with a menu of 9 different meat dishes and an all-you-can-eat buffet of sides
  • Wigi’s Kitchen in Saint Julian’s, for those with a slightly larger budget
  • Fat Louie’s in Paceville, which offers ribs, beef, chicken, pork and burgers; very tasty and pretty cheap

Seafood restaurants

If you want to taste some seafood, the seafood restaurants in Malta will definitely make you happy! Good places that serve fresh fish can be found all over the island.

  • Ocean Basket and Surf and Turf in Qawra
  • The Ostricaio in Mellieha
  • Porticello in Valletta
  • La Reggia or Tartarun in Marsaxlokk
  • Onda Blu in Pieta

International cuisine

If you are fond of international cuisine, you will find what you are looking for in Malta. Asian, Oriental, Latino, Indian or African restaurants are plentiful on the island.

  • Kuya Asian Pub in Saint Julian’s, for an Asian experience full of flavours
  • Madoka in Saint Julian’s for authentic Japanese dishes
  • Okurama in San Gwann and Saint Julian’s, for all-you-can-eat sushi and Asian dishes
  • Emperor of India in Saint Julian’s, to discover typical Indian flavours
  • Ali Baba in Gzira, to try a real Lebanese experience
  • Machu Picchu Peruvian Restaurant in Sliema, if you want to taste traditional Peruvian cuisine
  • PoK in Sliema, successfully surfing the pokebowl wave
  • Middle East in Saint Julian’s, for oriental cuisine: Mezze, unique dishes, desserts: Everything in there is made in a very traditional atmosphere
  • Selam East African Bar in Hamrun, for adventurous people who want to try out delicious Ethiopian cuisine

Healthy cuisine

This trend is growing, and healthy restaurants in Malta are on the rise.

  • Scale Bowl in Gzira
  • Cuckoo Food Club in Saint Julian’s
  • Peas and Love and Baked at Goldie’s in Msida
  • No. 43 in Valletta
  • Foam and fork, in Gzira and Marsascala
  • Pash in Saint Paul’s Bay
  • Dr. Juice in Gzira
  • Eeet well in Gzira, Saint Julian’s and Sliema
  • Emma’s Kitchen in San Gwann


Although it is difficult to find brunch menus in Malta, you can order your own breakfast a la carte. Pancakes, porridge, eggs benedict, waffles and more: Malta will always have something for you!

  • Debbie’s cafe in Mellieha
  • Naar, U Bistro and Crudo Cafe in Balluta Bay
  • MARELLI Cafe in Birkirkara
  • Crust in Saint Julian’s
  • Danny’s in Qormi
  • Elba in Naxxar

Junk Food

When it comes to gourmet meals with friends, Malta is second to none. Take out, delivery or on site, you will be spoiled for choice.

  • Amigos in Ta’Xbiex, Sliema, Zabbar and Hamrun. South American cuisine: Tacos, empanadas, pizzas and burgers
  • Bandit in Hamrun. Gourmet burgers with a variety of flavours
  • Novi Bar in Gzira. A small gem on the island, with delicious burgers, tasty tacos and refreshing salads
  • Made in Sud in Bugibba. The place doesn’t look like much, but the pizzas are among the best in Malta.
  • Shoreditch in Paceville. Massive burgers and pancakes
  • Kebab Ji in Sliema. Some of the best kebabs and Lebanese food on the island
  • Buchman’s Snack Bar in Gzira. Here you will find the best Ftiras in Malta, guaranteed!

Dining out in Malta according to your budget

Eating for less than €15 in Malta

It is possible to eat for less than €15 in Malta. All healthy meals such as wraps, ciabatas, sandwiches and salads from Eeetwell or Dr Juice, for example, will cost between €4 and €8. Likewise, burgers, pasta, and pizzas in restaurants or on-the-go will cost you about ten euros. Of course, there are also well-known fast-food establishments scattered all over the island.

Eat between €15 and €30

Most restaurants will fall into this price range. In general, meat or fish as a main dish will be around €25. Starter-main course menus can be found for less than €30 as well, or even all-you-can-eat deals in certain restaurants.

There are very few three course menus! Therefore, it is often necessary to choose à la carte, which of course increases the bill.

Gourmet restaurants

More and more gourmet restaurants can be found in Malta. Many will be in Valletta, like Capo Crudo, the Harbor Club or 59 Republic. But you can enjoy the experience of a gourmet dinner elsewhere on the island.

  • De Mondion in Mdina
  • Bahia in Lija
  • Tarragon in Saint Paul’s Bay
  • Blue Elephant in Saint Julian’s
  • HSixty6 in Paceville
  • The Lord Nelson in Mosta
  • Caviar and Bull in Saint Julian’s

Of course, there are still many culinary gems on the island, other than the ones we’ve mentioned. So don’t hesitate to try out what’s new and ask for recommendations.

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