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Beaches in Malta

If you love sunbathing, swimming in warm and clear water, and watching colourful fishes, you don’t need to travel to the other side of the globe to do so! Malta has something amazing for you, with its waters in different shades of blue, long summers and a minimum of 30°C on the thermometer. The “Rock” is a strong contender when it comes to beaches! But … You need to know how to find them! We have therefore listed the most beautiful beaches in Malta for you.

Sandy beaches

There are just a handful of sandy beaches on the islands, with the coastlines being mostly rocky. But there are a few, and these are worth a visit.


Ghajn Tuffieha

Also called Riviera Beach, it is a true paradise on earth and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta: it is nestled in a bay and surrounded by hills. You simply need to descend a long path of stairs to reach it, at the top of which you can enjoy a breath-taking panorama. We do not recommend this place for people with reduced mobility.

Golden Bay

One of the most popular sandy beaches, with golden sand, and the option to rent sunbeds, with bars, beach volleyball courts and water sports. Crystal clear waters make it an idyllic setting!

Gnejna Bay

This small beach follows on from the previous two. The setting is also heavenly, and you can enjoy excursions by canoe, kayak, paddle, or even pedal boat. Do not hesitate to rent a kayak for two and set off along the coast. There you will find many treasures, such as caves, hidden bays, and many other gems…

Mellieha Bay

This is the largest beach in Malta, even though it cannot be considered as the most beautiful on the island, as the setting is less natural than the others. On the other hand, it is easy to access for those going on a tour to Popeye Village or the Red Tower. There is a wide range of water activities, and visitors can also dine on site. Although it is a spacious beach, it is also overcrowded in summer!

Paradise Bay

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta, thanks to the turquoise colour of its waters. Located opposite Gozo, it still requires some driving time. On the other hand, it is also one of the most frequented by tourists and locals! Not one square centimetre of sand is left free during high season.

Armier Bay

Located in the north of Malta, this bay offers three small human-sized beaches. They are often less frequented, being less known and more remote. If you do not have a car or any transport to get around other than the bus, it will be quite difficult to access (about 20 minutes’ walk from the nearest bus stop).

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Pretty Bay

One of the only sandy beaches in the south, located in Birzebbuga. The surrounding environment is a little less idyllic, with the port’s cranes, but we still appreciate its proximity when visiting the south and the numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants nearby.


Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Gozo, with its ochre-orange sand. In a natural and beautiful setting, this large beach allows you to enjoy swimming and water activities. It is easily recognisable by its statue erected in the centre, representing the Virgin and her child.

If you look up on your right, you will see the famous rock cave, one of the most Instagrammable places in Gozo!

San Blas

San Blas is a small red sand beach and is considered the little sister of Ramla Bay. Very quiet and secluded, it offers an ideal setting for rejuvenation. Its crystal-clear waters are perfect for snorkelling.

Hondoq Ir Rummien

This is a small beach, to say the least, but its remote location and difficult access means it is never overcrowded. Once there, you can then enjoy the calm water to go snorkelling or swimming.


Santa Marija

If you want to get away from the crowded Blue Lagoon beach, Santa Marija is about a 20-minute walk away. It is a very pleasant sandy beach, and less crowded due to its geographical location.

The rocky coves

Most of the Maltese coasts are rocky. This also explains one of the island’s nicknames, “The Rock”! This does not affect swimming in any way, as all residents and visitors adapt to this environment.



This is one of our favourite spots in summer and off-season. A large esplanade of flat white rock, and the sea as far as the eye can see. Remember to take your snorkelling gear as you won’t regret it!

Saint Peter’s Pool

This is a must for excursions in Malta – Saint Peter’s Pool and its rocky promontory from which only the bravest plunge into the water.

Ghar Lapsi

A small, rather crowded cove in summer, close to Blue Grotto and Siggiewi. The place cannot be considered as idyllic, but if you venture a little further away, there are some nice snorkelling spots to discover!

Mistra Bay

Located in the north of Malta, this small cove is a little less crowded in the summer. Beware, however, of the pebbles forcing you to wear water sandals.


Wied Il Ghasri

A small creek down a cliff, which looks like a miniature fjord, is accessible by stairs. Be sure to take shoes, as it is a pebble beach.

Xlendi Bay

Xlendi is a nice little gem in Gozo. A very pleasant bay, where life is good and easy, surrounded by water-side restaurants where you can taste local specialities such as fish and other typical meals. A stone esplanade has been set up along the bay, allowing visitors to bath as they please.

Dwerja Bay

This is where you will find Gozo’s famous Blue Hole, as well as the “Inland Sea”. Diving and snorkelling are fantastic in this area, especially to see the remains of Azur Window which collapsed in 2017.

Mgarr Ix Xini

This is a very small cove which is quite difficult to access, surrounded by cliffs and rocks. It is possible to go on a boat excursion, and also to go diving and snorkelling.


Blue Lagoon

This is the most famous beach in the Maltese archipelago. Turquoise water, a magnificent lagoon, and a desert island – In other words, paradise! You can only access it by boat. Be careful though, as from May to September, the place is totally overcrowded, which can be very unpleasant.

The city beaches

These are not the most beautiful places for swimming in Malta, but they are still more than enough to allow you to enjoy the warm water and the fantastic sun without having to travel too far.



Although the city centre is quite noisy, you can swim without having to catch the bus. A small beach is available, even though it can be very busy during the summer.

Sliema Exiles

This swimming spot is located just below the Exiles car park in Sliema. It gets a bit crowded in the summer, but you will always manage to find a place as the sea front is really wide!

With its superb view of Valletta, we love this place! This waterfront is overrun by the Maltese on Sundays, who bring out barbecues, tents, tables and chairs and stay all day with their families. But it is great in the morning to take a dip under the sun. A word of advice: stay away from the left-hand side where a hydraulic station is located, which is not pleasant to the eye and may smell pretty bad at times.

St. George Bay

This is the beach in Paceville, Saint Julian’s. It is very easily accessible and surrounded by bars, restaurants, and cafés. It is, however, extremely busy during high season, and the water quality leaves much to be desired.



This is a sandy and pebble beach, which is easily accessible. You can swim and sunbathe there, and there are bars and restaurants nearby. There are plenty of walks in the area to get away from the summer crowds.

Beaches in Malta: What to remember

Malta boasts varied seashores, from sandy beaches to pebbles, from rocky coastlines to long stretches of flat stone. For relaxation, snorkelling and water sports of all kinds, this is paradise!

Due to the growing number of tourists and inhabitants on the island each year, Malta’s beaches are often overcrowded. Choose your visiting period very carefully!

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