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Boat Parties in Malta

What is a boat party?

The concept is quite simple: A party that takes place on a schooner, sailboat or ferry, for hours on end. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people during a fun and musical experience on a magnificent boat with a fantastic atmosphere!

How does it work?

The boat usually leaves Sliema from Sliema Ferries around 7 p.m., but this may vary depending on the company. You may even be invited to a “before” party, which is a good way to get ready for partying in a specific bar (which bar differs depending on the organizer). You have access to an open bar and food during the whole trip! Yes! That’s right. You will spend hours not caring about anything other than enjoying yourself! Of course, alcohol and food vary depending on the organizers, but cocktails, strong spirits, beers and sandwiches are always present!
You will come back at around 11:45 pm, a perfect time to continue the night-time fun, already in the mood to dance all night long in Paceville.

Where do the boats go?

Each boat and company have their own tour and itinerary, but these can vary according to the weather and/or the will of everyone on board. But you are most likely to visit one of these three amazing places:

  • Crystal Lagoon (Comino)
  • Blue Lagoon (Comino)
  • St Paul’s Islands (St Paul’s Bay)

How much does it cost?

The average price for a seat on a Boat Party is around 40 euros. You can, of course, also purchase a VIP ticket, which guarantees you a table. This option will cost around 50 euros.

How do I book a ticket?

Booking procedures differ depending on the organizers. The easiest way is to directly speak to promoters on the beach or in Paceville. You can also book on the website or send an e-mail to the organizer.


Boat Party are usually organised from May to September.

For whom?

Access to the Boat Parties is allowed from the age of 17 (the legal age for drinking alcohol in Malta). There will be security staff present to ensure the evening runs smoothly. You will be required to attend a briefing prior to the departure of the boat, and security guards on board will ensure the safety of the passengers.

Who are the organizers?

NAME Activity Rates Contact
Lazy Pirate Boat Party Malta Boat Party €39 http://www.lazypiratemalta.com/
Xclusive Boat Party Boat Party +356 9911 1175
Boat Party in Malta Boat Party +356 9962 5143
Party Malta Cruises Boat Party
Love Island (pool party)
The Fun Plan Boat Party + Free drink in one of the Paceville clubs €45
La&La Boat Party
Other cultural activities
€45 https://www.laelamalta.com/fr/activity/sea-activity/boat-party-à-malte
Hera Boat Party
€39 https://heracruises.com/
Captain Morgan Boat Party
Other cultural activities
€39 http://www.captainmorgan.com.mt/boatparty
Summer Love Events Boat Party Rates upon request http://summerloveboatparties.com/

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