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Shared accommodation in Malta

Flat-sharing is very common on the island; in fact, it is the preferred way to rent. If you live in Malta for a long period of time, you will most probably experience it at some stage. What does shared accommodation in Malta consist of? What are the rates and how to find it?

Flat-sharing in Malta: Why is it so popular?

The price of rent for a whole accommodation

It should be noted that housing in Malta is very expensive. This is down to the idyllic setting of the island and extremely high demand. It is not uncommon to pay more than €1,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment in Sliema or Saint Julian’s. For most expats, the solution is therefore to share a flat. It is a good way to save on rent!

Flatmates: A mixture of cultures and nationalities

Living in shared accommodation also allows you to meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures. You can thus share your accommodation with people of various nationalities. This will be invaluable in bestowing you with an open mind and tolerance towards the rest of the world.

Learn and/or teach a new language on a daily basis

By having foreign co-tenants, you will have the opportunity to speak a different language at home on a daily basis.

What to expect in a shared apartment

Rents in Malta

If you opt for shared accommodation, your rent will depend on the duration of your contract. For all short-term rentals (less than 6 months), a shared room is between €400 and €600 in low season. This will increase to around between €600 and €1,000 in high season.

For long-term rentals, a double room will cost approximately €500/€550.


Most short-term flatmates you will find are language students, trainees and temporary workers. They could come from anywhere in the world.

The contract

Whether you live in Malta for 1 month or several years, a shared flat must always be governed by a rental agreement. This document describes your rights and duties, as well as those of the landlord.

Mandatory clauses must be included, such as:

  • Contact Details of each party
  • Specific rental dates for stays of less than 6 months, or the duration of the rental otherwise.
  • The amount of the rent and the deposit
  • The address of the accommodation
  • Departure conditions
  • The rules of the house

Do not hesitate to visit the Rent Registration  website for more information on long- and short-term rentals.

Where to find accommodation to share?

Most of the apartments will be located in the main towns, which include Saint Julian’s, Msida, Swieqi or Gzira. You will find plenty of offers in these areas. However, the rents here will be among the highest.

You will also find flat-shares in Saint Paul’s Bay, (Bugibba) or Mellieha in the North, as well as Mosta in the centre. The prices will certainly be lower, but more travel time will be needed on a daily basis if you need to get to Sliema, St Julian’s or Valletta for your internship, job or your language course.

How do I find a shared flat in Malta?

There are several ways to find accommodation, depending on your needs and the time you are planning to spend on the island.

Social networks

Most people use social media to find available rooms. Malta has a very large expat community, and it is mainly through these networks that information is exchanged. Facebook public groups like Expats Malta will be very helpful. Some groups are much more specific to finding accommodation, with plenty of advertised vacancies.

Some owners will be willing to communicate with you directly through social media. Beware, however, of the many scams that have been reported, of which many expatriates have been victims: some use fake profiles for the purpose of collecting the deposit only. You may also run into an unscrupulous owner who will do everything they can to keep your deposit.

That’s why we recommend you use an agency to find accommodation. You can also contact us directly to have an overview of the best options/solutions


If you’re searching for flat sharing offers in Malta, you can also reach out to Rooms Malta. They specialize in managing numerous properties across both Malta and Gozo. Whether you require a short-term or long-term rental, their agents can guide you towards the most suitable properties that align with your preferences and requirements.

Are you an owner willing to offer rooms / flats to the community ? Contact us and we will check accordingly what you have to offer.

How to rent a shared flat in Malta?

The formalities for securing your shared accommodation are very simple.

Necessary documents

The owner will only ask for a valid identification (passport or identity card). No proof of income or other personal details will be requested.

Payment of the deposit

Payment of the deposit is the only requisite for securing a shared accommodation. This will allow you to have a place reserved in your name. It must be made by bank transfer to the owner, or in cash if you are on-site, and is usually the equivalent of one month’s rent.

Payment of the rent

The rent must be paid on a specific day of the month, which is defined on your contract. Some owners require payment in cash, others accept bank transfers.

Summary on living in a shared flat in Malta: Things to bear in mind

It is very easy to find shared accommodation as long as you observe the following guidelines:

  • Search for your accommodation with a certified organization
  • Always ask for advice and feedback from the community
  • Don’t accept excessive rent prices
  • Consider your travel time against the rental amount to make a decision on location
  • Be quick, free accommodations are taken up very fast! First come, first served!


Find a shared accommodation in Malta

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