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Renting a Car in Malta

More and more people are using rented transport in Malta. In fact, with the island being so well connected with public transport, and considering its small size, many expatriates do not even own vehicles and prefer renting them when needed.

In recent years, electric means of transport have become very popular, with shared cars, scooters, and 2-wheelers available everywhere on the island. They are available for daily use at very affordable rates.

Car rental

Renting a car in Malta is very easy. You just need to present your driver’s license and an ID. Many agencies offer car rentals from the airport and from major towns such as Sliema, Gzira, St Julian, Birkirkara, etc.

International companies


Agencies in Sliema, St Julian’s, Airport and Gozo



Airport and Naxxar



Airport and St Julian’s


Local companies


9, Empire Stadium Street, Gzira,

+356 2345 8706


Unicar Malta


Triq Il-Qrol, Buggiba

+356 2751 1316 and +356 2751 5717.


Compass Car hire

Self-service electric vehicle rental

Several companies offer shared electric vehicle rental services. All you need to do is register on the company’s app to then be able to easily rent a car, a scooter, or even a bike, paying for your trips by the minute.

The app will show you in real time which vehicles are available near your location, as well as their battery status.

Electric scooters


Meep is the app which brings together the main electric vehicle vendors in Malta, whether we are talking about scooters, electric cars, or bicycles.

Meep is a platform which offers services from various companies, such as WhizaScoot and GoTo.

  • Register on the Meep application (Free on Google Store and App Store)
  • Select “My Meep” from the menu
  • Go to “Transport Providers”
  • Select the vendors you are interested in

Simply go to the Google Store / Apple Store to download the Meep app.

Once the application is installed, you can choose your favourite company to check their availabilities.


GoTo provides a large, shared scooter park in the main towns of Malta, such as Valletta, Msida, Gzira, Sliema and St Julian’s.

The steps are very simple. You first need to register on the app by providing a valid driving licence.
Then, you simply need to follow the instructions on the app to rent the vehicle of your choice.

Scooter rental rates are €0.21 per minute. Booking is free for 15 minutes before the start of your journey. You should also check the location of authorized parking areas before completing your journey.

NB: GoTo also offers shared car rentals. You can find more information in the corresponding section below.

GoTo Malta

2nf Floor, Kordin Industrial Estate, Paola

+356 2226 8000

Electric cars

The main company offering electric vehicle sharing is GoTo.

Rental prices will vary depending on how many stops are on your journey. 165 shared vehicles are available in Malta and Gozo. You can choose between 4 different plans. 2 different price plans are offered – one rate for short trips and another for longer journey times.

  • Basic Plan
    • No membership fees
    • One-way fare – €0.35 per minute
    • Long ride rate – €3.99 per hour / €29.99 per day // more than 40 cents per kilometer.
  • Standard Plan
    • Membership fee of €7.00 per month – the first two months are free.
    • One-way fare – €0.28 per minute
    • Long ride rate – €3.99 per hour / €29.99 per day // more than 40 cents per kilometer.
  • Savings Plan
    • Membership fee of €99.00 per month – 400 minutes pre-paid one-way trip
    • One-way fare – €0.25 per minute
    • Long ride rate – €3.99 per hour / €29.99 per day // more than 40 cents per kilometer.
  • Pre-paid Tourist Package
    • Membership fee of €42.00 per month – 150 minutes pre-paid one-way trip, valid for 14 days.
    • One-way fare – €0.28 per minute
    • Long ride rate – €3.99 per hour / €29.99 per day // more than 40 cents per kilometer.

You will need to park in a dedicated GoTo or electric vehicle location to be able to charge the vehicle when parked.

You can find all the information about GoTo below:

GoTo Malta

2nf Floor, Kordin Industrial Estate, Paola

+356 2226 8000



Quad rental

Quad biking in Malta is very popular and is great fun, especially in Gozo. This island is perfect for quad discovery, and many options are available when it comes to renting them.

Fun Malta

B1, the Windgates, Triq it-Torri tal-Kaptan, Naxxar

+356 2751 5450 and +356 2751 1347.


Fun Malta

Gozo Quad hire

Attard Auto Dealer, Borf Gharib Street, Ghajnsielem, Gozo

+356 2751 4031 and +356 2751 4031.


Gozo Quad hire

Mgarr Tourist Services Gozo

Shop No. 4, New Ferry Terminal, Mgarr Harbor, Gozo

+356 2155 3678, +356 9982 9141 et +356 9982 6320


Mgarr Tourist Services Gozo

Bike rental

Cycling, along with the riding a scooter, remains the best way to travel in Malta, especially when traveling through the major towns on the seafront. However, you need to be very careful as cycling in Malta can be dangerous, especially with the lack of cycle paths on the island. The average driver’s behaviour is also not the best among European standards.

Nextbike Malta

Nextbike offers self-service bicycle rental

The rental price is €1.50 for the first 30mn, then €1.00 for every additional 30 minutes.

You can also book for a full day for €18.00.


Nextbike Malta

UB033, San Gwann Industrial Estate, San Gwann

+356 2099 6666


Ecobike Malta

Ecobike Malta offers you the possibility to rent bicycles for a full day. The brand has a very wide range of bikes, offering 4 different models.

The rental price ranges from €15.00 to €20.00, depending on the model. An electric model is also at your disposal.

Eco Bikes Malta

Ecobike Malta

8, Triq I-Imsell, Buggiba, Malta

+356 9947 1627


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