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Diving, snorkelling, boats, and other nautical activities in Malta

Due to its ideal climate and geographical location, there is a myriad of water activities available in Malta.

Diving / Snorkelling


Most diving schools offer an “introductory course” or a “beginner’s dive”, which begins with one or two hours of instruction in equipment operation and safety procedures. You will be introduced to underwater breathing in a pool or in shallow water and end up with an hour dive in the sea.
You can also pass your “Open Water” diving diploma, a certification valid for life which will allow you to dive independently up to 18 meters depth, in every diving centre of the planet. This is literally your passport to the underwater world.

Beginner’s course: around €70
Two supervised dives for certified divers: around
Obtaining the Open Water diploma, valid all around the world:
400 to 500

Schools: More than 40 diving centres operate in Malta.

 Find many diving centres on petitfute or visitmalta

Most of the centres in Malta are members of PADS – the Professional Association of Diving Schools, an organization that makes the safety and well-being of divers a priority. It also works to ensure the protection and accessibility of diving sites, and to ensure that divers are aware of the need to protect the island’s underwater archaeological and natural heritage.

For more information, please contact:

Professional Dive Schools Association,
P.O. Box 12
St. Paul’s Bay,

Website: http://www.pdsa.org.mt
Email:  info@pdsa.org.mt


Discover the underwater world with a mask, snorkel, and fins, and explore the rocks of the magnificent bays all around the Maltese coastline. It is generally possible to rent or buy the necessary equipment in hotels and water centres in all tourist areas, and it is also possible to go with a guide.

While Malta is a rocky island, there are some sandy beaches that are considered prime snorkelling spots. Paradise Bay and Golden Bay are among the most frequented on the island of Malta. But the Blue Hole in Gozo remains Malta’s landmark for discovering many Mediterranean fish.

If you want to go with a guide, the average price will be around thirty euros, with a visit to several must-see sites. The equipment will cost only about 15 euros per person.


Apart from on the southern coast of Malta and Gozo (cliffs), you can rent a windsurfing board and the appropriate equipment by the hour or for half a day. The rental companies are mainly present on the beaches of the northwest coast of Malta.
Expect to pay around €20 per hour to rent the equipment, and €50 per hour if you wish to be coached beforehand.

Flyboard / Jet Pack 

Flyboard, a new nautical activity, is very easy to operate. Water jets connected to the turbine of a jet ski provide propulsion, which will lift you up to seven meters in the air. You can direct your movements using joysticks which control the “nozzles” located under your feet.
Only in St Julian’s or Birkirkara

Rates: 20 min= €80, 30min= €120

Find rates on: Flyboard 

Boat / Sailing

Boat without license or with navigator/captain:

If you like to sail at your own pace, alone or with other people, then you should know that you can anchor (almost) everywhere in Maltese waters. You will have a short briefing on the safety rules on board, and on the navigation around the islands of the archipelago. You will also be told where to anchor.

  • 60 horsepower (max 4 people): 1h (€80), half day (€150), full day (€200).
  • 85 horsepower (max 6 people): 1h (€95), half day (€180), full day (€250).
  • 115 horsepower (max 8 people): 1h (€110), half day (€220), full day (€300).

Please note: Petrol may not be included in boat rental rates.
You can also rent a private boat with a navigator, with prices ranging between €340 and €400.


A pleasant option for a sea trip; you leave the port around 9.30 a.m. and need to return the boat at approximately 6 p.m. A sailboat for 8 people can be rented between €450 and €600 with a navigator on board.
If you have a boat license and do not wish to have a navigator with you, you need to make a security deposit of up to €3000.

Other water activities

Here is an overview of other water activities you can enjoy in Malta. Rates may vary depending on the provider chosen, as well as the time of year and the different availabilities:

  • Jet Ski (15 minutes): €40 (1 person), €50 (2 persons)
  • Banana (10 minutes): €8 / person
  • Crazy Sofa (10 minutes): €30 (2 persons), €35 (3 persons), €40 (4 persons)
  • Parasailing (10 minutes): €40 / person
  • Canoeing: €6/hour (1 person), €10 / hour (2 persons)
  • Pedal boat (max 4 people): €13
  • Windsurfing: €20/hour (same price if you want to take classes)

On the other hand, if you want to get started with a sport on dry land, have a look at our page about: Sports activities.


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