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Sports activities in Malta

There are many sports you can practice in Malta, from football to Maltese Bocci.

Please be advised, most of the places listed on this page are usually not free, and we recommend you call the different places to get a better idea of the rates charged.

Football in Malta

Football is one of the most popular sports in Malta, where you will find many clubs. There are even several divisions of Maltese football championship.

Football Clubs in Malta

If you want to join a club, there are many on the island:

These include:

  • Valletta FC
  • Hibernians FC
  • Birkirkara FC
  • Floriana FC
  • Sliema Wonderers

You can find a list of all football clubs in Malta on the following page: Football Clubs

Outdoor football pitch

If you want to play outdoors with friends, there are several pitches available:

To find players with whom to organize football games, you can go to Social Network Malta.

Basketball in Malta

Here are some of the clubs you can find in Malta:

Basketball Club

  • Hibernians Basketball Club
  • Starlites Basketball Club
  • Depiro Basketball Club
  • Malta Basketball Association

Find the complete list of all clubs here: Basketball Club

Outdoor basketball court

If you want to play outdoor basketball with friends and have a good time, you can go to one of the following courts:

Rugby in Malta

“Free access” to rugby pitches is not really a possibility, as they are only accessible if you belong a club. Nevertheless, here is a list of the few clubs on the island:

Rugby Clubs

  • Falcons Rugby Club
  • Stompers RFC
  • Kavallieri Rugby Football Club
  • Overseas RUFC
  • Gozo Rugby Club
  • Valetta Lion RFC
  • MRFU Clubhouse

Squash in Malta

If you are interested in squash, we can inform you of the squash courts in Malta and their rates.

It is also possible to ask to be ranked if you would like to compete.

Some hotels, like the Hilton, offer the option of playing squash in their private courts reserved for members (with the possibility of being registered in the gym and visiting as a day-guest).

Petanque in Malta

In Malta, petanque is a sport which is hardly practiced, although you can always find a petanque pitch very easily. Why is this, do you ask? Because in Malta they practice ‘bocci’, which is one of the main sports in the country and played on the same type of surface as Petanque. The main difference lies in the fact that the balls are spherical.

It is, pretty easy to book a slot or to find a place to spend a few hours with your friends throwing some balls.

Petanque pitches in Malta

If you want to play on a petanque pitch without having to book, you can go to Pieta which has a pitch close to the big roundabout leading to Valletta.

The “real” petanque pitches that are available:

Pieta Bocci Club

Floriana Bocci Club

Bocci Klabb (San Gwann)

Others are available, but these are the most popular.

Climbing in Malta

If you love climbing, here is how to practice this activity in Malta:

To join a club and go outdoor-climbing, please find below two clubs on the island:

All relevant information is available on their website: Cost of membership, proposed activities, climbing spots, etc.

If you only wish to go climbing indoors and on an occasional basis, you can go to the Gymnasia room in Paola.

Running / Marathons in Malta

If you are a runner at heart, there are many marathons held in Malta. Here is a list:

  • The 2020 GIG Malta Marathon – Sunday 1st March
  • Teamsport Gozo half Marathon
  • Carnival Run
  • Xterra Gozo
  • Gaudos half Marathon
  • The Lisa Maria Memorial Dingli 10

For a complete list including registration dates, you can go here: Ahotu Marathon. You will find a list of most of the marathons held in Malta.

For those who want to run simply to keep fit or for pleasure, you can go jogging in Sliema along the promenade (from Spinola Bay to the Chalet bus stop).

If you would like to discover some unusual spots in Malta, you should visit the Running spots website where you will find an extensive list of places to go running.

Yoga in Malta

If you like to practice yoga, take a look at the list below:

Tennis in Malta

To play tennis in Malta, this usually requires being a club member in order to book a tennis court and/or have preferential rates. Prices vary according to the club, and you can find more information on their websites (listed below).

Padel tennis in Malta

If you are curious, or would like to practice paddle tennis in Malta, visit the following website: Padel tennis Malta

Table Tennis in Malta

If you are interested in table tennis, here are different places where you can play. Like tennis, a membership may be required to book a table (however, you can bring along guests most of the time).

Badminton in Malta

If you are interested in badminton, several clubs and sports complexes are at your disposal:

You can find more information here: Badminton Malta

Skate Park in Malta

If you are a skateboard or BMX enthusiast, here are two venues that are perfect for you:

Swimming pools in Malta

Whether you want to swim in a club, or go to the pool to relax, alone, or with friends or family, here are our recommendations:

Further information:

There are many other sports that can be practiced on the island. If you would like to know more, you should visit the Sport Malta website, where every sport is listed, allowing you to discover new activities.

If you prefer to get started with weight training or crossfit, take a look at our article: Gyms in Malta

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