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Jobsplus in Malta: The national agency for your job search

Jobsplus is the national employment agency in Malta, which was established in 1990. Often known as ETC (Employment and Training Corporation), its main function is to help residents in Malta find employment, and employers find competent staff. But Jobsplus also offers other services.

Jobsplus services in Malta

Jobsplus does not just post a series of job postings on its website. The service it provides is much more comprehensive.

1 – Finding a job

The main function of Jobsplus is to help you find a job in Malta. By visiting the site, you can thus have access to many offers in all areas.

2 – Posting an ad

Are you a company looking for employees? You can post your ad on the site and access candidate profiles selected by Jobsplus, based on your research.

3 – Providing general information

On the Jobsplus website you will find numerous articles about working in Malta and conditions; wages and job-seeking amongst other things.

4 – Professional training courses

Jobsplus is in partnership with the European Social Fund to provide residents of Malta with free training courses. These internships are of course offered to those who have established their principal residence on the island. You will therefore need a residence card to benefit from them.


These are training courses lasting a maximum of 12 weeks or 300 hours, at a rate of 40 hours per week.

Areas of training

Many different courses are available. These include:

  • Office automation and administration jobs: Assistant, Secretary…
  • Assembly and manufacturing
  • Sales techniques
  • Reception
  • Environment

Applying for vocational training in Malta

To apply for vocational training, you will need to complete this form and mail it to the Jobsplus office in Hal far, which is the official centre for training.


Jobsplus Training complex

Traineeship Unit

Hal Far Road

Hal Far BBG 3000

Phone: +356 22201635/ 22201636/ 22201637/ 22201638

Jean Pierre MEILAQ (responsable): +356 22201625

Email: training.jobsplus@gov.mt / jeanpierre.meilaq@gov.mt

Your Jobsplus online space

Once you are a resident of the island, you can create your own account on the Jobsplus website. It will give you access to several online services, as well as a real database and monitoring services in relation to your professional life on the island.

Register on JobsPlus

To register is remarkably simple.

You will need to fill in your personal information and have your Malta residence number ready. Please note that a residence address is required. Once all fields have been completed, you will receive a registration confirmation by email.

Your professional history

As soon as you are an employee in Malta, your company must register your employment with Jobsplus. It is up to the Human Resources department to do so, and is not your responsibility. Similarly, when you leave your job, Jobsplus must be informed by your employer. You will receive information by email each time your professional situation changes.

Therefore, Jobsplus will retain all of your employment history in Malta. This history can be downloaded in a PDF file and printed from the website to prove to any authority in your country of origin that you have worked in Malta.

Your candidate area

If you are looking for a job in Malta, your Jobsplus account will allow you to:

  • Create your CV online
  • Update it according to your skills and experiences
  • Apply directly online and access your applications
  • Update your job search and desired sectors

Make an appointment with an advisor

You can also make an appointment with an advisor directly from your online account. To do so, simply click on Contact and select the desired office based on location.

You can also call them directly by dialling 153.

Frequently asked Questions

Can we be removed from Jobsplus?

No.  The service sends your CV to companies looking for staff in your area of expertise, and these companies contact you directly. If you decline the offer, there is no impact on your Jobsplus registration.

Is it recommended to use Jobsplus for my job search?

Your job search can be done through Jobsplus, but it is much more common to canvass companies yourself, to go through consulting agencies, or even use social networks.

How can I find a job in Malta?

What is the U2 Form?

If you are declared to be out of work in your country of origin and are receiving unemployment benefits, be aware that you can transfer your unemployment rights for the duration of your stay in Malta.

This request is made possible thanks to the U2 form.

Requirements to benefit from unemployment benefits in Malta

  • To have been a job seeker for several weeks in your country of origin
  • Having the U2 form before coming to Malta.
  • Within 7 days of your arrival, visiting one of the Jobsplus offices to register as a job seeker, and handing in your form
  • Complying with Jobsplus requirements regarding job applications

Jobsplus offices in Malta

You will find several Jobsplus offices on the island.

Head Office

Address: Birzebbuga Road, Hal Far, BBG 3000 Malta

Contact: 153

Email: jobsplus@gov.mt

Job centers

Hal Far

Address: Birzebbuga Road, Hal Far, BBG 3000 Malta

Contact: 153

Email: registrations.jobsplus@gov.mt


Address: LEAP Centre St. Edward Street, Birgu

Email: birgu.jobsplus@gov.mt


Address: Birkirkara Civic Centre

Tumas Fenech Street, Birkirkara

Email: birkirkara.jobsplus@gov.mt


Address: 274 Triq il-Kbira, Mosta

Email: birgu.jobsplus@gov.mt


Address: LEAP Centre

Frejgatina Street, Qawra

Email: birgu.jobsplus@gov.mt


Address: Sir Arturo Mercieca Street, Victoria

Email: birgu.jobsplus@gov.mt

Contact: +356 2220 1957

Training centers

Namely, training centers do not offer any services about administrative formalities relating to applications for professional licenses and various documents for employment. You must contact a classic Jobsplus center.



Job Bridge Training Centre

Bice Mizzi Vassallo Complex

Alamein Road, Pembroke

Email: job-bridge.jobsplus@gov.mt

Contact: +356 2220 1702-4



Sheltered Employment Training (S. E. T.) Centre

St. Louis Street, Msida

Email: birgu.jobsplus@gov.mt

Contact: +356 2220 1720

The Job Brokerage office

Job Brokerage is dedicated to persons with special status: migrants, third country nationals in the EU and without visas, refugees, and any other persons from a humanitarian program. As with training centres, this office does not help with professional licenses.

Address: Xatt Il-Mollijiet, Marsa

Email: birkirkara.jobsplus@gov.mt

Contact: +356 2220 1781/3

Jobsplus office hours and contact

Contact: 153 is the number for all job searches in Malta. For other locations (Gozo) or services, the numbers vary and are shown above.

Winter hours: October to June

Offices open Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. then 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Summer hours: July to September

Offices open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. only.


Jobsplus will help you find a job if you are a resident of Malta, developing your personal profile and sending your profile to companies who are looking for staff.

But it is also an essential body for your administrative procedures, and in particular to get your residence card in Malta, as it provides you with the necessary documents: Employment history in Malta and application forms for resident status.

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