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Cinemas in Malta

There are different types of cinemas in Malta. You have the standard cinemas that show movies just like any other European cinemas. Then there is a cinema which is more oriented towards independent and historical films, located in Valletta.

Almost all movies are shown in English, mostly without subtitles, which could present a difficulty if you don’t have a strong command of English.

Most cinemas in Malta operate with an intermission in the middle of the movie, giving you time to go and pick up a cold drink or a snack.

Cinemas in Malta

St Julian’s Cinema

The main cinema in Malta is located in St Julian’s and is called the EDEN Cinemas complex. It is in St George’s Bay, near Paceville.

The cinema has 13 modern, air-conditioned theatres, and shows movies in the original English or Italian. It shows a wide range of the latest films with great productions.

The rooms are equipped with THX sound, and some of them even offer the 3D experience.

Session rates:

  • Adults: 2D – €8.30 // 3D – €9.40
  • Adult Blockbuster: 2D – €8.80 // 3D – €9.90
  • Children (-12 years): 2D – €5.00 // 3D – €6.00
  • Children Blockbuster: 2D – €5.50 // 3D – €6.50
  • Senior (mon-Fri until 7pm): 2D – €5.00 // 3D – €6.00
  • Senior Blockbuster (mon-Fri until 7pm): 2D – €5.50 // 3D – €6.50
  • Family (4 people, 1 adult minimum): 2D – €19 // 3D – €23
  • Teen ((12-17, mon-Fri-5pm): €6.50
  • Rental of 3D glasses: €1.25

A special rate on the Eden complex car park is also offered for cinema-goers.

From Monday to Thursday €3.00 for 4 hours.

Eden Cinemas

St George’s Bay, Paceville, St Julians

+356 2371 0400

Eden Cinemas

Bugibba Cinema

The town of Bugibba also has a large cinema complex. It is located on Pioneer Road.

The cinema has 7 state-of-the-art, air-conditioned theatres, offering 2D and 3D projections. Many new films and great productions are shown here.

Session rates:

  • Week:
    • Senior (until 7pm, non-3D): €5.00
    • Adults: 2D – €6.00 until 5PM, €7.00 after 5PM // 3D – 8.00 until 5PM, €9.00 after 5PM
    • Children (-12 years): 2D – €3.50 // 3D – €5.00
    • Family Pack (4 seats, 1 adult minimum): 2D – €18.00 // 3D – €20.00
  • Weekend
    • Senior (until 7pm, non-3D): €5.00
    • Adults: 2D – €7.00 // 3D – €8.00
    • Children (-12 years): 2D – €3.50 // 3D – €5.00
    • Family Pack (4 seats, 1 adult minimum): 2D – €18.00 // 3D – €20.00

The rental of 3D glasses is not included in the price. Do not hesitate to contact the cinema for more information on the prices of the glasses.

Special events and promotions take place on Thursdays.

Empire Cinema complex

Pioneer Road, Buggiba

+356 2158 1909 and +356 2158 1787.

Empire Cinema

Cinema La Valette

Valletta also has its cinema, located in St Lucia’s Street, Il-Belt. Here you will find all the latest films, but also an historical film about Valletta, the capital.

It has 6 air-conditioned theatres and offers a different experience with sofas, champagne and catering services for your enjoyment. A theatre can also be booked for private showings.

It is also possible to join “The Embassy Club”, free of charge, which will allow you to receive personalized and unique offers.

As the cinema is currently being restored, prices will be available very soon. You can, of course, contact them for more information.

Embassy Cinema Valetta

St Lucia’s Street, Il-Belt, La Valette

+356 2122 2225

Embassy Cinemas

Cinema Fgura

A cinema is also available in the town of Fgura. It is located in the heart of the 3 cities and is very different from the crowded cinemas of St Julian’s and Bugibba.

It was recently refurbished, and now provides cinema theatres which are more in line with the modern standards of a cinema. Parking is available, but at a charge.

The latest films can be viewed in 2D or 3D.

Session Rate:

  • Adults: 2D – €6.50 // 3D – €8.00
  • Teen (12-15yrs): 2D – €5.50 // 3D – €7.00
  • Senior (60 ): 2D – €4.50 // 3D – €6.00
  • Children (up to 12 years old): 2D – €3.50 // 3D – €5.00 (one free popcorn for each child ticket)
  • Family Pack (2 adults, 2 children): 2D – €18.00 // 3D – €22.00 (one free popcorn for each child ticket)
  • Rental of 3D glasses: €0.80

Galleria Cinemas Fgura

Zabbar Road, Fgura

+356 2180 8000


Cinema in Gozo

There is also a cinema on the island of Gozo, for those who would like to go there during their stay. It is in Victoria, 17 Castle Hill.

This is very old-fashioned cinema, located in a 19th century house, right next to the citadel. Here you will see the latest films and great productions.

Two films are shown daily, starting at 8:30 p.m. (variable hours on weekends).

You can also enjoy the “Gozo 360°” experience offered by the cinema. You can find more information by clicking on the following link: Gozo 360

Prices are according to age:

  • Adults: €6.00
  • Children (up to 11 years old): €4.00
  • Seniors (Mon-Thurs): €5.00

Citadel Cinema

+356 2155 9955 and +356 2155 9957.

Citadel Cinema

You now have plenty of information to keep up with the latest movies during your stay in Malta.

And for those interested in cultural outings, visit our Museums in Malta page.


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