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Bottled Gas and Water Deliveries in Malta

Getting water and gas cylinders remains one of the most problematic tasks for expatriates in Malta, who often do not own a vehicle.

Here are the most practical solutions for you to benefit from water and gas delivery in Malta.

Where to buy my gas in Malta? 

Many kitchens are still equipped with gas stoves, and some apartments are even heated with additional gas heaters. Unlike many other countries, Malta does not have a mains gas network. You will therefore need to use gas cylinders.

You can buy your gas from different places in Malta, or have it delivered to your home.

Gas delivery

If you live in Malta, you will have certainly heard the honking of a delivery truck passing through every street in your town in the mornings. Well, this sound is the gas delivery man! Unplug your empty cylinder and quickly grab their attention to change your gas cylinder before the truck drives off.

Average price of a gas cylinder

-12 litres: €16

-15 litres: €20

-25 litres: €33

These are prices of a filled canister in exchange for an empty one, as the bottles are returnable. An additional 20 euros will be charged for the bottle itself if you are not exchanging it for an empty one.

Several gas companies operate in Malta and will deliver to you on an agreed time slot according to your availability, at prices similar to those mentioned above.

Gas Malta

Liquigasmalta.com, which you can contact on +356 22 48 60 10

Water delivery in Malta

It should be noted that tap water is almost unfit for consumption on the island. As a result, many residents buy bottled mineral water.

To have your water supply without having to carry packs of bottles over long distances, several options are available.

Delivery from the supermarket

You can use your groceries delivery service and include your water at the same time. Note that some stores like Greens Supermarket no longer provide delivery of just water packs.

Water supply companies

Originally intended for businesses, bottled water suppliers have expanded their business to cater for private customers.

You can obtain a water dispenser that can accommodate 11L or 19L bottles. You can either buy or rent a dispenser, which will provide both cool and hot water. Several subscription plans are available, depending on the quantity of bottles consumed, which can be regularly delivered.

Find all the necessary information on their sites:

Also note that more and more still and sparkling water dispensers are being installed all over Malta. These “water points” allow you to reuse your empty bottles and fill up on water, thus reducing your ecological footprint. You can also simply fill your drinking bottle while walking around on the island.

The cost is just a few tens of cents per 1L of water!

Getting water and gas in Malta can be a headache sometimes, so we strongly advise you to consider home deliveries, to avoid wasting time.

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