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Phone and Internet providers in Malta

As in any European country, mobile phone and Internet plans in Malta are relatively easy to understand, and more or less aligned with what other countries offer. Here is our guide to choosing the right operator during your stay in Malta.

If your trip is temporary and you already have a subscription on European territory, we recommend you first consult your local operator to find out about the international offers covered by your package. Since June 15, 2017, your connections outside your home country (if you are in the EU) are no longer over-billed – This is the current benefit of international roaming!

Please note

  • Malta is covered by the 4G network
  • The network is mainly run by 3 telephone operators: Melita, Epic and Go Mobile
  • Prepaid SIM cards and mobile plans are available
  • Free WiFi networks are widely available on the island
  • All operators offer a free connection network if you have a subscription with their service.

The free network

As in any large European city, the main places and establishments have an open and easily accessible network: The airport, most bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even public areas (parks, shopping centres etc.).

Mobile phone packages

Depending on the length of your stay, you can opt for a prepaid card or for a telephone subscription called “Bundle”, as they combine several offers (SMS, MMS, telephone calls, and mobile internet).

Prepaid cards are available at most convenience stores. You will find the logos of the telephone operators on display.
Top-ups are usually available at a cost of 5, 10 or 20 euros. You will need to purchase a sim card from one of the 3 operators.


SIM cost: €10

Standard Rate: €0.24 / min (local), €0.05 / SMS (local).


The operator with the best network coverage in Malta. SIM cost: €10

Standard Rate: €0.10 / min (local), €0.10 / SMS (local) and €0.10 / MB of data.

Several prepaid plans are available as well as top-up options to add additional data via free SMS (e.g. 1 GB of data, valid for 7 days at a cost of €5)

GO Mobile

A major supplier who also offers excellent network coverage in Malta. SIM cost: €15 (“SIM starter pack”, includes €5 credit and 1GB data)

Standard Rate: €0.25 / min (local), €0.05 / SMS (local) and €0.10 / MB of data

Rechargeable 4G USB keys with prepaid card and connecting to the network via a SIM card are also on sale at operators.

Monthly Mobile Plan

We have selected the three most popular monthly plans for each of the operators.

Go Mobile

-€35 (€30 with Bundle) 12GB  +   unlimited EU and UK calls / SMS /MMS

-€45 (€40 with Bundle) 24GB   +  unlimited EU and UK calls / SMS /MMS

-€65 (€50 with Bundle) 60GB  +   unlimited EU and UK calls / SMS /MMS


-€25 / 21GB (3MBPS) + unlimited EU and UK calls / SMS /MMS   Melita WIFI

-€30 24GB (20MBPS) + unlimited EU and UK calls / SMS /MMS   Melita WIFI

-€35 / 34GB (200MBPS) + unlimited EU and UK calls / SMS /MMS  Melita WIFI


-€25 / Unlimited data in Malta (25GB in EU) + unlimited CALLS EU / SMS /MMS 100 min out Of EU

-€30 / Unlimited data in Malta and EU + unlimited calls EU / SMS /MMS 200 min outside EU

-€90 / Unlimited data in Malta and EU + unlimited calls EU / SMS /MMS Unlimited min outside EU

Wi-Fi Internet subscription

As in many countries, you will be able to subscribe to an Internet and WIFI subscription in Malta for your home. This is subject to a security deposit for the hardware, which can be avoided if monthly payments are made via direct debits.
Most towns have also been equipped with optic fiber.

The price of your subscription will vary depending on the length of your contract. Monthly packs are available.

Go internet

-€25 (€30/ monthly package) 35MBPS 400GB per month

-€25 (€30/ monthly package) 70MBPS or 100 with Fiber   package at extra cost: Telephone & TV

Melita internet

-€20 30MBPS (excluding TV)

-€25 100MBPS (excluding TV)

-€23 Package of your choice according to your consumption

Epic internet

-€25 (€20 with Mobile Package) 100MBPS 400GB per month

-€30  35MBPS 300MBPS

-€50 35MBPS 1000MBPS

If you do not know exactly how long you’ll be staying in Malta, and if your stay is shorter than 12 months, we recommend you get a monthly subscription. It is slightly more expensive, but that way, you will not lose your security deposit if you have to leave the island in a hurry (often around 75 euros).

A second option, only offered by Melita, is to manage to transfer your package to a third party. The latter will then benefit from a package equivalent to a 12-month subscription one. But you still need to find a buyer though.

Finally, if your stay is longer than a year, we recommend that you opt for a 12-month package.

In short, the best mobile operator and Internet service provider for you will depend on your needs in terms of commitment, pricing, and network coverage. Also keep in mind that changing your phone number is not a must, and you can keep using your home phone number by using applications like Whatsapp.

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