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Taxis and Cabs in Malta

To get around Malta, you can opt for a taxi. Simple, efficient, and relatively affordable, this means of transport allows you to save time when travelling, making up for the lack of bus services throughout the night, for example.

It is very common to use taxis in Malta, either daily or weekly. In this article, we will mention the main taxi firms on the island.

Taxi companies in Malta

Despite the small size of the island, there are several taxi companies in Malta offering you a wide range of choice for your occasional trips.


Bolt, or formerly Taxify, is a platform of mostly independent taxis. It is an Estonian company which operates in dozens of countries.

It is the most widely used taxi application in Malta, and many Bolt drivers offer their services on the island. You can find a vehicle available close to you in just a few minutes, wherever you are.

Recently, Bolt started operating in Gozo and is the only taxi company over there.

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Bonju is a Maltese company which basically offers the same service as Bolt. You can order a taxi in an instant or schedule a ride for later. Your request can be made through the app or over the phone.


Ecabs is also a Maltese company, with a large fleet of taxis. You can order a taxi immediately or plan a trip for later. The service is available on the app, by telephone, and directly on their website.


Cool is the only taxi company in Malta offering shared rides. The concept: You pay between €3.95 and €8.95, depending on the distance to be travelled, and you can go anywhere on the island. The trip may take a little longer as the driver may stop during the journey to drop off or pick up other passengers.

It is also possible to get to the airport by paying a supplement of €2,50 per passenger. If you have a lot of luggage, it is better to reserve 2 seats to have room to put your suitcases in the car!

White cabs

This is the official taxi company in Malta. You will find ticket vendors at the airport to take you wherever you want, and also in Saint Julian’s (Paceville) and in Valletta. The difference with other companies lies in the prices (fixed price for a specific geographic area) and the booking process: You order your trip directly from the ticket office.

Apart from their immediate proximity to you, this company is not recommended, as the rates are the highest.

Gozo Cab Service

For those staying on the island of Gozo, Malta’s main taxi companies do not operate there. Gozo Cab Service offers one-time trips in Gozo, as well as for your airport transfer to and from the island. This company does not have an app, and you will have to book your trip on the website.

Airport shuttle

To get to the airport or your hotel, you can also use Shuttle Direct, which offers shared trips via minibus. The fare is extremely competitive if a shared shuttle is available. However, you must book well in advance from their website.

How does it work?


For most companies, you must first download the app and create an account, entering your bank card details for payments. You can then order a taxi whenever you need (Internet and GPS connection required) or plan a future trip. For those who prefer to order by telephone, additional charges may apply.

You choose your payment method (credit card on the app or cash payable to the driver) and confirm. The estimated amount of your ride is shown, as well as the waiting time before your taxi arrives. You will be provided with the driver’s contact information, such as his/her first name and license plate. This will allow you to locate his/her vehicle easily. You can also track the taxi’s arrival in real time, the same way Uber does in many other countries.

If you are unable to find the driver or if he/she cannot reach you, you can therefore contact each other.

The trips ends when you arrive at the requested destination, and you will receive a notification with the amount charged. This notification will be sent by email and will also be visible directly on the app.

Regular taxis

You book and pay for your trip directly at the ticket office and then receive a voucher. Taxis are waiting for you nearby and a driver will take you to your desired location.

For Gozo, you must book your trip online and will receive a confirmation by email. A driver will pick you up at the agreed place and time.

Airport shuttle

You book and pay for your trip directly on the Shuttle Direct website. Your voucher will need to be printed and presented to the relevant company at the airport in Malta, usually on the far left when leaving the luggage collection room. It is sometimes necessary to wait until all passengers have arrived for the shuttle to leave. If you wish to get to the airport, the shuttle will pick you up at the agreed location.

How much do taxis cost in Malta?

Price calculation

Prices vary between taxi firms. They may differ depending on the number of kilometres travelled, elapsed time, traffic, weather, or demand. As a rule of thumb, the basic fee is roughly €4, to which are added the supplements generated by the various factors cited above.

Price of taxis in Malta

For a private airport/Saint Julian’s trip, it costs between €16 and €20, depending on the firm. White taxis are the most expensive. Shared journeys will be around €6 and €10. With a bit of luck, you can sometimes even pay less than €5 with Shuttle Direct.

For your private trips on the island, the cost will be around €7 to €9 for a 5 km journey, and €20 for about 10km.

NB: Rates may differ depending on demand, traffic, and the firm.

Shared trips with Cool are the most attractive options financially, with prices starting from €3.95 for the shortest distances.

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