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Charities and non-profit organizations in Malta

There are many charitable and non-profit organisations in Malta. We have selected a few for your consideration.

For the most part, they exist thanks to generous donations from Maltese and expatriates.


This organization was founded in 2017 and oversees voluntary work of Maltese and expatriates who work together to improve the quality of the environment in Malta, in particular by cleaning and removing waste in nature.

Despite strict regulations on waste sorting in Malta, too many people still throw away their waste wherever they feel, and thus pollute the archipelago.

To follow them or to make a donation, you can visit their Facebook page: Zibel, where you will find all necessary information.

Happy Paws Charity Organization

The purpose of this charity is to help wild animals have a better quality of life. In Malta, there are a lot of wild animals, including cats, a true symbol of the nation, and a protected animal. Some associations are dedicated to improving their well-being.

You can help them in different ways:

  • Give away items you no longer use, which can be used either at the clinic or resold for fundraising purposes. The items are to be given in boxes at one of their stores in Santa Venera or Marsaskala.
  • You can volunteer and work in the store a few hours a week, or, if you are interested in taking care of the animals, you can participate in a clinic internship.
  • Make a donation: Directly by bank transfer or by SMS to +356 5061 8938 to give €6,99 or to 356 5061 9239 to give €11,65.

More information is available on their website: Happypaws

Animal Care Malta

Similarly, Animal Care Malta is an association specialized in helping wild cats.

They care for about 180 cats daily and, unlike Happy Paws, are based in the north of the island, in Mellieha.

If you want to help them you can make donations by bank transfer or by SMS, with the option to donate different amounts. You can find more information on their website: Animal Care Malta

Red Cross Malta

This organisation needs no introduction. As you know, the Red Cross is a humanitarian aid association whose goal it is to help people in difficulty around the world.

If you would like to donate and support them, to help as many people as possible, you can visit their website: Red Cross Malta

YMCA Valletta

The main goal of this non-profit organization is to help homeless people in Malta, improve their lives and help them reintegrate into society with dignity.

To support the association in helping people in need in Malta, you can visit their website: YMCA Malta

Inspire Malta

This organization enables people with all types of disabilities to access quality services in order to improve their living environment.

How can you help them?

  1. Buy items in their shops, both in Gozo and Malta.
  2. Volunteer to help them during their various events.
  3. Join their team and work with them.
  4. Make a donation.

You can also go to their website, Inspire, where you will find plenty of information.


Ronald McDonald House Charity is an association based on improving the quality of life of children with learning difficulties. The association works mainly with children suffering from hyperactivity, helping families overcome the problems raised by these difficulties.

For more information you can visit their website: RMCH

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