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Language stays in Malta: Learn English in Malta

When it comes to learning English abroad, Malta is second to none. The island now rivals Great Britain as a destination for a language stay, thanks to its ideal environment, high-quality schools, and competitive prices.

Language stays: What are they? 

A language stay is an immersion in a foreign country, with the aim of learning the main language in a language school. Malta alone has more than 50 English schools, each offering different options to suit everyone’s needs.

English courses

English lessons are taught by qualified native English teachers. They mainly take place during the week from Monday to Friday and in half-day intervals.

They are usually made up of group courses, with up to 12 people to a classroom, and exclusively made up of students of the same level. To ensure this, schools have each student take a test before the initial training begins.

From general English to business English, including preparation courses for TOEIC exams, language schools can meet all your needs.


There is no minimum stay required (except for some specific courses). You can also start your courses at any time of the year. It is entirely up to you to choose the duration of your training, whether you only want to have an intensive 1-week program, or several months in which to improve your level.


There are more than 50 English schools in Malta, and they are mainly located in Saint Julian’s and Sliema. Some are very modern, while others are more classic. The age range of the students, courses available and prices will vary depending on the school. Be sure to compare reviews and do your research before enrolling in a particular school.

Language school accommodation

It is also possible to procure accommodation through the language school. Accommodation can be in a variety of types: Residence, shared apartment, host family, hotel… and you can also opt for a shared room with one or more students, or a private room. Please note, prices are often more affordable in the all-inclusive course + accommodation packages.

Language stays: How much does it cost?

The price of language stays in Malta depends on the school and the package chosen.

Average rates

A course in low season can be between €100 and €300+ weekly, depending on the total duration of your booking. The more weeks you book, the more affordable the weekly rate will be.

For a month of classes with accommodation, you can expect to pay between €1,000 and €2,500 in low season, depending on the school and the type of accommodation.

These rates are of course indicative and depend on many parameters: The school itself, the number of people to a classroom, the package booked, any special offers, the total duration and the season.

Reducing the cost of your stay

To reduce the overall price of your language stay, consider the following:

  1. Going in low season (from October to May)
  2. Sharing a room
  3. Taking advantage of special offers
  4. Preferring group courses rather than individual ones
  5. Considering a longer stay – the weekly rate then becomes more economical

Why choose a language stay in Malta?

Advantages of taking English courses in a language school

This is an excellent way to improve your level of English, with quality tuition that will be effective even in the short term. You will also meet international students, who will be an integral part of your local social circle.

Why Malta?

Malta is a very good alternative to other destinations:

  1. English courses are among the cheapest available
  2. The island is bilingual English/Maltese – you will always be in an English-speaking environment
  3. The climate is fantastic with over 300 days of sunshine per year
  4. Many expatriates live in Malta, and you will enjoy experiencing different cultures
  5. The island is very rich in terms of culture and landscapes: It is impossible to get bored!

How can I organise a good language stay?

Go through a specialised agency

We recommend you use a specialised agency to manage your language stay. A simple search on Google will help you find the best options.

Compare reviews

Do not hesitate to check and compare the opinions of former students to choose your language school in Malta!


Find the best English school for you

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