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The story of English in Malta

English in Malta is the story of English-speaking expatriates who decided to join forces in creating a community for English-speaking people, and for expats in general. The aim of the project is to provide the most important information for English-speaking people who decide to travel to Malta, whether for a short or a long period.
We are happy to share with you all our knowledge and networks, giving access to a community which provides essential information on settling in Malta.
This website is meant to be organised in such a way that everyone can find answers to their questions, with pages and articles classified by subject and theme. Obviously, the website is in constant development since relevant information changes over time!
Do not hesitate to send us your requests if you have any, and all feedbacks are also welcome!
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We keep our main goal: to spread values of mutual assistance and provide precise information for the community.


Expats give you their best information, tips and tricks.


We are not only active online but also in Malta by organizing events and other activities.


We hope to meet you soon, get to know you and have a great time with you!